Company Overview

Founded in 1985

We are one of the rare and very unique manufacturers in the United States of America of Instrument Transformers for Low and Medium Voltage Applications.

Our production facilities are housed in 60,000 square foot buildings dedicated to the manufacturing process. Our facility offers a wide range of technologically advanced manufacturing equipment all designed to achieve the maximum volume and while maintaining the level of integrity and quality our customers have come to rely on.

Our infrastructure includes in-house designing, prototyping, winding, molding, and testing departments along with core winding machines and annealing furnaces. We also have a complete machining shop with CNC machines, punching press, plus a welding shop for special products and tool making on our premises.

The products displayed in our catalog and on our website are just some of the many various items we are capable of producing. Custom designs are available. If you do not see what you need or you have a special request please contact us for additional information.

Standard delivery for most orders is approximately 3 – 5 days ARO. We can accommodate a 1 – 2 day ARO delivery on most orders that require next day air shipment.